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Tribe47 was founded realising that lots of forward thinking business owners were tired of fragmented digital marketing services offered in the market and hiring different agencies to manage different aspects of digital marketing jobs like SEO, content marketing or traffic.

The consequence was a lack of accountability, making it almost impossible to calculate the true cost of acquiring a customer online. From there, Tribe47 was born — with the main focus and drive being about a congruent digital marketing strategy, with the right tools, used at the right time, for the right buyer persona.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to build the team of best digital marketing specialist in the world and support 147 passionate business owners by the year 2030!

Read carefully to see if this sounds like YOU:

Hi, I’m a Copywriter @Tribe47.

I use my copywriting skills to work on all types of projects — from FinTech, to cybersecurity, to wellness, to name but a few. I have more than 2 years of experience in copywriting — and I keep evolving.

I combine my copywriting craft and creative drive with understanding of the market and social media platforms to solve marketing problems for a variety of brands. Typically I work with a content team and a project manager (aka a Full Brain Marketer) as a partner — but I don’t require babysitting.

I manage my time effectively so as to meet the demands of multiple projects. I understand the difference between a creative idea and a tactical execution, and (based on the nature of the project) am proficient at generating both.

I am capable of and responsible for writing in all mediums, everything from social media posts to video scripts, to sales and landing pages, to sales emails, to name but a few. I don’t confuse funnel with fennel. I do my best to stay on top of marketing and technology trends as well as seek opportunities to constantly improve my copywriting skills.

I know how to handle, implement (and give) constructive feedback in a timely manner and without drama. I am a strong collaborator and know how to make the job of my teammates easier. Last, not least: kindness. I choose to be that person everyone always wants in the room.

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*Tribe47 is a human-focused company. We do our best to make this a place where you would want to grow your career. We don’t hire assholes.

Please apply in English (that includes not only your CV, but also your communication with us via email) and additionally please write your favourite book's title in the application form in "summary".Thanks!

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